miércoles, 30 de julio de 2008

Mi Blinkie, My Blinkie

Hoy recibí un regalo! Laura y Maree, mis queridas amigas de DAC, me hicieron este blinkie. Como he estado mal de mis ojos y soy la única que habla español, ellas me lo hicieron para mi blog... ¿Verdad que es lindo?
Gracias amigas preciosas!!!!!!
I received a gift today! Laura and Maree, my dear friends from DAC made this blinkie for my blog... You know I've been sick from my eyes and also I'm the only one in the community who speaks spanish, so they did it this way... Isn't it cute and nice?
Thanks my beautiful friends!

4 comentarios:

Mozz dijo...

giggles :)

Laura dijo...

we must give some credit to Mozz too.. She helped me brainstorm on the making of your blinkie.... :) You are a wonderful friend... THANK YOU!

ScrapShana dijo...

What a darling blinkie! How sweet of her! :)
Thanks for the sweet comments you left of my blog today. You're such a doll!

Anónimo dijo...

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