martes, 3 de marzo de 2009

Rachael's Challenge for You

Last week I was challenged by Michelle, Jana, and Shelli... I was supposed to go to my pictures folders, look for the sixth one, and pick the sixth picture. Then I show it in here...
My photo is one celebrating Deads' Day... Here in Mexico, where I'm living since 2002, this is a big holiday... There is the belief that on that day, November 2, the deads come back to their homes... All the family gather together making conmemorative altars with photos, objects, food, and possesions of the dead relative... In our school, the students from Junior and High School made different altars... The one below is for John Paul II...
Rachael has the same challenge, but with great rewards for you! You are going to do the same I did, but if you do a layout with any kit from Rachael's Store, and send it to her, then we on the CT will pick our Favourite one. The winner will get a Collection of his/her choice!! So hurry on over and go here to read about it. You have until March 15.
My layout using Drama Queen page kit

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