viernes, 27 de junio de 2008

My mom, Mami

Mi hermosa mami conmigo en el aeropuerto el año pasado en Puerto Rico
This is my beautiful Mom with me last year at the airport in Puerto Rico
Credits: Aliya's Freebie Kit When The Snow Will Thaw Digitalarts-cafe

Mami y mis hijos en el zoológico en julio del 2006
My mom and my kids at the zoo, July 2006

Credits: Mother Knows Best Collab kit Digitalarts-cafe

2 comentarios:

A-liya dijo...

I congratulate you by opening your blog!
I like your works very much. And I shall be your frequent guest:)

Have a great day!

melothria dijo...

oh you have a blog now :) congratulations! and congratulations for the CT as well! it's always a pleasure to see your beautiful layouts and to see your smiling family too :) !! and thank you for writing in English as well. I would be in trouble if you didn't lol